POM POM Theology

In Christian circles, the most over-riding question that new believers face is “After Salvation, what?” Neither theologians, pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, or church leaders seem to have a decisive, practical and feasible plan to address this so important phase of Christianity.

The Apostle Paul in his many insightful writings of the nuts and bolts of the Christian way of life, wrote that new believers need to first be fed “milk and bread”, not heavy theological concepts that were neither digestible or totally understandable.

There are at least a few “for sures” after salvation for believers on earth; the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, salvation after we leave this earth, peace of mind, and plenty of motivation. And perhaps the concept of the Holy Spirit indwelling us is a little “too-much meat too soon” to fully digest.

The concept of PEACE OF MIND (POM) is an elusive state of mind that is not achievable for humans outside the realm of Christian beliefs. The largest pharmaceutical group in the market directly to consumers is any drug that promises a “good night’s sleep.” That is about the only status a non-believer can hope to achieve is a drug-induced good night of sleep. Perhaps there is nothing more precious to a human that a good night’s sleep.

On the other hand, PLENTY OF MOTIVATION (POM) to live life to its fullest is woefully lacking in our world today. Again, a large pharmaceutical and vitamin supplement industry exists to give people quick fixes of motivation, i.e. Energy Drinks and Energy Supplements. The illegal drug trade is based on filling the need of propping up the mental state of a human to be able to cope with and be productive in society. However, the demons of drugs designed to motivate people through their daily lives are all lies that come crashing down in many forms on the people who believe that either Peace of Mind or Plenty of Motivation can come from any source except salvation through belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

PEACE OF MIND and PLENTY of MOTIVATION (POM-POM THEORY) is also a great witnessing tool. You can imagine an exchange between a believer and a non-believer a going something like this:

Believer: Since I’ve given my life to Christ, I’ve found out you get the best of both worlds, in Heaven and here on earth.

Unbeliever: How could you get the best of both worlds by being a Christian? All you get for being a Christian is promise of a life in the hereafter, a lot of rules and regulations
to live by, and a tax donation each year telling you how much of your money you’ve given the church.

Believer: The Christian Way of Life is not about rules and regulations to follow, but about your heart for Jesus Christ. People give money to churches because they are thankful for the blessings
God gives them each day. The top two blessings you receive as a Christian here on earth are PEACE OF MIND and PLENTY OF MOTIVATION. Could you use some Peace of Mind and Plenty of Motivation in your life?