Are You Ready?

90 Minutes in Heaven

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming feeling of how fragile being alive is?   Daily we get behind the wheel of our vehicles and drive down the road feeling very confident in our driving skills.  Also we can feel immortal, that our whole life is ahead of us, and drive along singing with the radio or absorbed in our daily to-do list and then “bam” suddenly all that changes.

That fragile feeling was very prominent in my mind on Sunday, November 24, 2015 when I left Broadmoor United Methodist Church.  I had just heard Don Piper’s story, author of the book “90 Minutes in Heaven”.

On January 18, 1989, he did the same thing we do.  He was leaving a three day pastor’s conference.  It was right after brunch, around 11:00AM, and the rain was steadily falling.  Pastor Don had thoughts of his to-do list, including a midweek service he had to preach that night, as he headed down Texas Highway 19 to intersect with I-45 to Houston.  He had never used this particular route home before.  About 45 minutes into his drive he approached an old bridge with “a massive rusty steel super structure”.  Driving 55 miles an hour with the rain pouring down, he drove down the old long bridge.  And just as he was about to get to the end of the bridge, it happened!
“An eighteen wheeler driven by an in-mate, a trustee at the Texas Department of Corrections, weaved across the center line and hit his car head on.”  Pastor Don’s car was crushed between the bridge railing and the driver’s side of the truck.  The top of his car was smashed by all the wheels of the truck.

Pastor Don relayed the events that happened during and after that accident, in which he was declared dead at the scene.  In his book he describes his 90 minutes in heaven and all the miraculous events that occurred according to God’s will that day and over the next three years before he could walk and drive again.

His book, published 12 years ago, has sold 8 million copies and was made into a non-profit movie released on September 11, 2015.  As of December 1, 2015, the movie is now available on Blu Ray and DVD.

Thus, my overwhelming feeling of how fragile my life is when I left the church that afternoon.  If you have not read this book, I recommend you to get a copy as soon as possible.  I have not seen the movie yet, but plan to see it real soon.

If this were to happen to you, I feel I have to ask you an important question:  Are You Ready?